Spells and Witchcraft Handbook App Reviews

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Interesting app all in all, but would have been nice if the stones section, of which almost everything is copied word for word from scott cunningham, contained some form of credit. Wouldnt have bought it had i known that part of the content was copied, dont need the same information twice.


Its a nice collection of information, spells, pagan holidays and more. So far it showed quite handy when being on travels. Also, theyve updated and enlarged it with the last update. I would like to have some more graphics though, please?

Wiccan review

I found spell book informative and helpful when looking up certain spells. Great for any Wiccan on the go.

Awesome App

This app is awesome! Like having a BoS on your phone! Lots of info on crystals and spells and other topics as well. My only recommendation is make it so we can add stuff to it! Still totally worth the $$ I paid for it!

App froze

Snif mine froze up and I cant use it - any spells for that?


Really a lot of fun. When you need a quick spell its just a ipad touch away. This is not the definitive list of spells but the library contains enough spells to keep your witchy ways happy.

Spell book

Great app, Thank you.

Spell book

I love learning new spells. This helped me understand a little of witchcraft.

Awesome app

Good reference guide, can never have enough info so please add more :)

Great Job!!

This app deserves a great review. I love the spells in here, and the basic information helped me understand far more about Wicca than I had before I had this app. Thanks so much to the creators for an incredibly useful application!!

Well done

Very well done, easy to find what you are looking for.

A great little resource

Fun to read. Lots of info

Great app

This app is great! Perfect for on the road, when having to do do spells or rituals and not wanting to carry ones many journals and books of shadows !

Worth every penny.

Its great how it needs no wifi! It was worth the 5 bucks!

Very well done

I paired this with the word app, on my iPod and this is awesome. Ive moved most of my book of shadows to my iPod, this app gives me quick reference for most of the stuff I dont have. Great buy!

Is it good?

Do the spells actually work?? Have any of u ppl tried the spells, if u did can u tell me in the work?? Thx!!


Very educational

Super awesome

Thank you for this app, real helpful and I already made some herb pillows, charmed charms and not to mention CANDLES!


I was impressed with how easy an effective the spells are...

Very helpful!

Lots of info that seems consistent and useful.

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